Monday, November 15, 2010

Marx Tin Litho Train Tunnels

Today is Marx Monday and I believe we'll do the trio of wonderful Marx train tunnels made for their line of 3-rail O-gauge trains.  The first one is the #309 Camouflage tunnel.  While some collector's refer to this scheme as 'autumn leaves', the greater bulk of the hobby refers to it as the 'camouflage' scheme.  Either way, you'll know what it is immediately once you see it.  Of the three tunnels this is by far the scarcest one to acquire and will fetch premium prices during an auction.  The next tunnel is the #390 Farm Scene tunnel and is a common item.  The last tunnel is the #392 Mine Scene tunnel which is also quite common.    I thought it was fun that the Mine Scene tunnel still had the $.98 cent S.S. Krege  Co. price tag.  Even today, an 'operator's grade' tunnel should only cost a few bucks - $5 would be fair enough.  The better the condition, the higher price it would command.  

All the tunnels come as two halves joined at the top by interlocking 'fingers' and at each end by either a metal clip (early versions) or a screw (later versions).  I've included photos of several different boxes as well as a fun photo-adaptation of 'The Time Tunnel' - Marx Style.  And truly, these toys are a trip to the past!.  Enjoy the trip!