Sunday, September 25, 2011

McDonald's 2011 Batman The Brave and The Bold #7

Today on Sunday Comics Sunday, Toys & Stuff brings you set #7 in McDonald's 'Batman, The Brave and The Bold' Happy Meal toy series for 2011. There are a total of 8 sets in the series which features Super Heroes, Super Villains, and their vehicles. Generally speaking the figures are 2" (5.1cm) H but some are taller. Today's set includes another Batman figure, in an all black suit, Robin, and Gorilla Grodd. Gorilla Grodd is a good example of one of the taller figures. He kinda reminds me of Mighty Joe Young in a helmet!! :-)

Well, yesterday I actually managed to see a whole episode of 'Batman, The Brave and The Bold'! Out here it airs on Friday evenings at 6PM and we're normally watching the news at that time. I really liked the animation, especially those dramatic, freeze-frame  shots with the wild backgrounds. Later in the evening I did some poking around on the Web and ended up on Wikipedia. They have a fairly extensive write-up on the TV series and listed all the characters. Holy Schmoly, there's over 300 different characters listed and the show just started three years ago in 2008!! McDonald's didn't put out their first 'Brave and The Bold' Happy Meal toys until just last year. Okay Micky D's - you've got a LOT of catching up to do! Last year's Happy Meal offerings were the large size characters, like the 'Young Justice' series Toys and Stuff concluded some weeks back, but for my money, the smaller figures are the way to go because you get more figures in each set. Without further ado, let's get to our photos. Enjoy!



Gorilla Grodd