Saturday, October 27, 2012

Royal Mail Tribute to Gerry Anderson Stamps - Pt 1

Last week we finished up the Royal Mail tribute to Gerry Anderson post card set. The post cards were reproductions of the artwork featured on the stamps themselves. For the next few weeks we'll be looking at the stamps those post cards were based on. And what a set this is - it's beautiful! I'm not a stamp collector but my good friend Graeme Eldred in Scotland got me this set knowing how much I liked space and Gerry Anderson.  Many Thanx Graeme!!
The set has three main components:
1) A large envelope which serves as a holder for six traditional 'lick-'em-&-stick-'em' style stamps. The envelope is covered in graphics with one side featuring a bio of Gerry Anderson and the development of his Supermarionation shows. The reverse side features 'The Making of Supermarionation' covering the development of the puppets themselves. The front of the envelope has a thin, clear plastic sleeve which holds six of the traditional stamps
2) The second component is a large card designed to hold a set of four lenticular stamps - those stamps which appear to move as you shift them from side to side. The card has a gorgeous graphic of the Thunderbirds team on the front with a thin, clear plastic sleeve designed to hold the stamps. The reverse has a graphic of the Thunderbirds character Brains explaining how lenticular stamps work.
3) The last component is a terrific four page insert resembling a comic
We'll start our first installment with the main envelope. It is also the largest component of the set and is loaded with graphics.
Front of envelope, flap closed, six traditional stamps in place in clear plastic sleeve

Front of envelope, flap closed. The stamps have been removed revealing poster artwork

Front of envelope, flap open

Traditional style stamps

The envelope folds out to reveal a Gerry Anderson bio

The inside of the unfolded envelope has the developmental story of the puppets.