Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thomas Toys Plastic Sedan - Nash?

A few years ago I got into a car buying frenzy for my 3-rail toy train layout and ended up with vehicles from Marx, Banner, Pyro, Processed Plastic, Thomas and more. Occasionally I didn't pay attention to the sellers listing and ended up with cars that were w-a-y too big but fortunately, this Thomas Toy was just the right size. Like many maunfacturers of the 1950s sometimes the cars and trucks looked exactly like their full size counterparts, and other times they were sort of generic caricatures. I'm thinkin' today's car looks a lot like a mid-'50s Nash American with that huge slab sided body. I don't know - what do you think? Can anyone out there identify what real life car this little gem resembles? Today's offering is a turquoise but they came in a variety of colors and I also have a yellow version in The Cave. Enjoy!

Standing next to the Thomas car is a Marx 35mm figure of the type which came with Marx train sets