Saturday, July 19, 2014

Burger King 2005 King Kong w-Swinging Arms

Ya just never know what I'm gonna dig up. A few weeks back I was excavating in The Cave and came across a box of McDonald's and Burger King goodies. Part of that mini-treasure trove you've already seen - the eight McDonald's Speed Racer cars recently posted. There were also several King Kong toys from Burger King which were sold back in 2005 as licensed tie-ins to Peter Jackson't incredible re-make.  So I s'pose it would be kinda neat to post them and we'll start with this nifty full-figured Kong toy. I say 'full figured' because some of the toys only feature the head or the hand). The figure has wheels beneath the feet and when you push it along the arms swing up and down. A nice little toy. I also took a movie to show the little guy in action. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

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