Friday, July 11, 2014

McDonald's 2008 'Speed Racer' Movie Cars - No. 6 Cruncher Block's Truck

Every good action movie needs good guys and bad guys duking it out with each other. We now have a vehicle from one of the bad guys - Cruncher Block. Cruncher, in league with Arnold Royalton, does whatever it takes to win regardless if people get hurt or not. The truck is not a racer but a place 'to do business', nasty business at that. The toy features a projectile which is fired when the truck is pulled back and released. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg

The grill is opened...

...the projectile inserted

all the way...

...and the grill is closed again.

Pull back the truck and let 'er rip. After about 10" (25cm) of travel the grill opens and the projectile fires.

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