Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Billy V #IMX44003 American Civil War Set 2014 - Pt 2 Horses and Union Figures

Yesterday I posted that the were 11 Union poses in this set when in fact my bag only had ten, but it's likely the contents of each bag will likely vary. The bag held two mounted figures which weren't in set #IMX44010 posted May 19. Lets start though with the horses. There are six horses in two poses. Two are needed to pull the wagon and both the Union and Confederates have two mounted riders each. However, the horse themselves are crap! Sorry, but these are some of the most pathetic excuses for equine sculpts I've seen in a playset!!! They're too small for the wagon, they're too small for the riders, they don't stand up well (if at all) and they look terrible. It's a shame that too often horses get worst treatment in playsets. It's as if the top sculptors are given the task of doing the soldiers, while the beginners are off-handedly given the job of doing the horses. They are certainly not up to the quality of other Billy V sculpts. Anyway - Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg!

Crawling with Rifle

Prone Firing Rifle

Kneeling Loading Rifle

Standing Firing Rifle

Advancing, Rifle Across Chest

Officer Standing



Mounted Flag Bearer
You'll notice in the following photos how high up the riders sit on the horse. The mounting pegs are situated too far down on their legs to allow the riders to sit properly.
Oh, and BTW, it was a real bear to get these little beasts to stand upright. I actually had to tilt the surface they were standing on to get them stand. They look fine in the photos because of editing.

This frontal view shows to good advantage the poor sculpting of the horse

Mounted Officer

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