Sunday, July 13, 2014

McDonald's 2008 'Speed Racer' Movie Cars - No. 8 Cannonball Taylor's GRX

Today is the last in our 8-part series of McDonald's Happy Meal Speed Racer movie tie-ins. We end the series with Jack 'Cannonball' Taylor's GRX car. The car is named after the 'GRX' series engine in it and is purported to be able to go 800MPH. Yeah, okay, try driving that in Las Vegas traffic! Seriously, we see a lot of hot, fancy, fast cars in this town and where do they spend much of their time?- at stop lights and casino parking lots whizzing along at 0MPH! Back to the car. In the movie this car is part of the villainous Royalton Industries line-up and was secretly modified with the installation of a 'super hook' for the season's final race. In the end, 'Cannonball' Taylor and the GRX were disqualified - tsk tsk. A spring-loaded hook was incorporated as a special feature in the toy. It's attached to a string and can be wound up into a spool located within the cars body. Pressing a button on the top rear of the cars body causes the hook to shoot out. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg


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