Monday, July 7, 2014

McDonald's 2008 'Speed Racer' Movie Cars - No. 2 Racer X's Race Car


Today we'll take a look at the second car in McDonald's series of Speed Racer movie tie-ins, Racer X's No. 9 Race Car. Each car has some feature - large or small - and Racer X's car simply has front wheels that turn left or right. Racer X was a mysterious, enigmatic character who, in the Speed Racer storyline, is actually Speed Racer's older brother whom everyone believes is dead. His car, No. 9 the "Shooting Star" is featured here today. Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg:)


By using the sliding lever just behind the front wheels, you can adjust them to left turn, straight, or right turn position


  1. Rex Racer/Racer x had the coolest car in the original series and I'm glad it carried over into the movie.

    1. After looking at all the cars in this McDonald's series there is one that really caught my eye - the Gray Ghost! After seeing that I've really gotta check out the film.