Thursday, July 17, 2014

Billy V #IMX44003 American Civil War Set 2014 - Pt 3 Confederate Figures

The last of our three part coverage of Billy V's Civil War set #IMX44003 looks at the Confederate soldiers included of which there are 15 figures in 11 poses (poses may vary from bag to bag). The unmounted figures were already covered on May 20th when we looked at the smaller header bag of figures, set#IMX44010 but today's set has two mounted figures in it. After looking at some of the other Billy V Civil War offerings it doesn't appear as if they contain anything different other than what we've shown with these two sets so I'm not likely to pick up any more Billy V. Until next time - Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina Berg



Flag Bearer

Kneeling Loading Rifle

Prone Firing Rifle

Standing Firing Rifle

Standing, Rifle Across Chest

Standing, Rifle at Side


Mounted, Rifle Held Downwards

Mounted, Rifle Held High

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