Monday, June 29, 2020

Vegas Valley Big Sky Pics - Dust In The Wind: The Sahara Dust Storm and Mahogany Grove Fire

Unless you've been living in a bubble, you've may at least heard of the huge dust storm or cloud blowing from the Sahara and affecting nearly all of North America. While Nevada is on the far west fringe of that dust cloud we're still seeing it's effects in hazy sky's and health alerts for people with respiratory problems. BUT, as if that wasn't enough, we now have to conted with...

...The Mahogany Grove Fire! Named after the Mahogany Grove Campground up on Mount Charleston, the blaze has burned more than 5000 acres up on the mountain. We first learned of it by stickin' our head out the back door and seeing and eerie darkish sky coming from the direction of Mount Charleston. By sunset it was providing Bettina with some awesome photo ops, but later in the eveing we learned of evacuations for those living up there! For them it is not a photo op and we hope all are safe - there's enough missery in the world without having to contend with this.  Pictures by Bettina. Enjoy! Opa Fritz

Due to more accurate mapping, the fire has been downsized from 5000+ acres to 3000+ acres

At this point, from our vantage point it looked like a structure fire across the Valley

By 7:30PM it was clear it wasn't a structure fire







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