Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 Hasbro Comic Series #02 Captain America Paratrooper Dive

Well, I took the plunge - sort of - by purchasing some more Marvel Super Hero Figures. But really, what better way to celebrate a day Toys & Stuff has set aside for the Comics, in toy form of course. Today on Sunday Comics Sunday we have the 2011 Hasbro Comic Series #02 Captain America Paratrooper Dive. Now, this toy is supposed to represent a character which appeared in the comic but it is so close to what was presented in the movie, "Captain America, The First Avenger" that it still becomes a nice reminder of that movie experience. The biggest difference is of course the weapon the toy Captain is wielding, being of a more modern outline. The set comes with a 13 1/5" (34.3cm) diameter parachute with strings attached which in turn attaches to Captain America's harness. The idea is the fold the parachute, wrap the string around it a few times, and give it a hardy toss into the air and watch him float to the ground. Personally, I haven't yet tried it so I can't report how well it works. There is one small flaw to this set: the edges of the fabric parachute aren't finished (hemmed). If you look closely at the photos you can see where threads are already starting to separate. This is a part of the toy which won't last long - what a shame, because it's a neat toy. I'm not a seamstress, I don't work with fabric, so off-hand I have no suggestions as to how to remedy this. 

Also featured in today's blog is a neat item most people will never get the chance to see. Here's the background. About two years ago, if my imperfect memory serves me well, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES - pronounced 'A-fees') started passing out, free-of -charge at the register - mini- comics of Marvel Super Heroes. I call them mini-comics as they were only a few pages long, not full blown graphic novels. All the artwork was original and they were exclusive to AAFES customers. Now, dummy me, I have already gotten rid of these first issues, having done so prior to starting my blog. Crap! Oh well. Not all of the these freebies are comics. The cover shown below is actually from a 14pg coloring book which is essentially one long advertisement for AAFES with a few pages devoted to AAFES history dating back to the American Civil War. You'll notice the top of the cover is cut off - not the result of a bad scan, the original wasn't cut properly. If I come up with more I'll post them but today's selection was a natural as it features Captain America. So, without further ado, let's get on to the the photos - Enjoy!

An extract from the coloring book. here's something you won't see every day; Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor at a burger burn!