Monday, October 17, 2011

Marx Fort Apache Carry-all w-Vacu-Form HQ & Stable

Last week on Toys & Stuff we featured the Marx Fort Apache Carry-all with tin-litho HQ and Stable. Today, let's take a look at its companion, the Fort Apache Carry-all with Vacu-Form HQ and Stable. The only real difference between the two is of course the insert HQ/Stable section. The graphics remain the same, and there's still a handle and simple latch mechanism. Vacu-forming toy parts was kind of popular back in the '70s, unfortunately most vacu-formed parts were junk!! They were very thin and prone to splitting and breaking. However, on a positive note,  when it came to large pieces they allowed toy manufacturers to make colorful, detailed, lightweight items. I had stated that I got rid of the my only two Ft. Apache carry-all's because of condition problems. Although the one featured today had an intact latch, handle, and gates you'll soon see why I got rid of it. Enjoy!

Just a slight bit of wear-&-tear!

The latch and handle are clearly intact on this sample

You'll notice the two gates are still attached

 Gate detail

Beautiful stockade lithography