Saturday, October 22, 2011

AOME LOTR - Legions of Haradrim

There were only two sets of Haradrim offered by Play Along as part of their LOTR Soldiers and Scenes series, the Easterling Warriors featured on Toys & Stuff 2 July 2011, and today's set. It's a shame they never got around to making more - especially a set featuring the large elephantine Mûmakil, but alas, we'll have to settle for what we have. Enjoy!

Legions of Haradrim: Haradrim Warrior; Haradrim Standard Bearer; Haradrim Archer
Wave 5
Issued by: Art Asylum / Play Along Toys
Assortment: 48100
Item Number: 48165
Issue Date: Aug 2004
Issue Price: $8.99

Haradrim Archer

Standard Bearer

Haradrim Warrior