Friday, October 7, 2011

Yat-Ming #43002 1:43 Scale 1923 Maxim C1 Fire Engine

Today on Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday, Toys & Stuff brings you a terrific Yat-Ming pumper truck. Yat-Ming, headquartered in Hong Kong, has been around for awhile - at least since since the early 1990s when I started buying their 1/43 scale cars and trucks for my train layout. I came across today's toy hidden in a box of stuff and hurriedly photographed it for today's blog, leaving me little time to do any research into Yat-Ming. There for awhile I had gone through this die-cast 1/43 scale fire engine craze and started buying mostly the really old style engines some of which ended up in boxes only to be re-discovered later.  Who knows what's left to be discovered out there in The Man Cave? I tend to purchase things in cycles so when other things caught my attention I slacked off on the fire engine buying, but there was always one major criteria: the toys had to be cheap. I have to do my collecting on a budget so looking for bargains is paramount.  I almost never buy brand new toys from those companies that specialize in highly detailed, limited edition, costly products - I'm okay with cheap :-)

Yat-Ming has always put out good products. Their level of detail is wonderful considering the relatively low cost of the toys and this Fire Engine is no exception, from chrome accents, to pin-striping to a removable ladder, and a nice acrylic display case you get a lot of bang for the buck ($). Enjoy!