Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 Hasbro Movie Series #04 Marvel's Hydra Soldier Dark Threat

Today Toys & Stuff features the 2011 Hasbro Movie Series #04 Marvel's Hydra Soldier Dark Threat. The figure, which stands 4 1/4" (10.8cm) H, comes with two detachable flame throwers that hurl 'flames' through the expedient of a spring-loaded mechanism. There are two orange and two aqua 'flames'. With a little fussing, the bio-shield armor is removable.

A few weeks back I happened to find myself in the toy section of the store (yeah, right - like a lion 'just happens' to stalk its prey) and picked up a few more figures in Marvel's Captain America line of figures. On the one hand, I really like these - the sculpting, the multiple points of articulation, the colors, the accessories. On the other hand there appears to be some issues with them. Most notably, they simply have a hard time standing up on their own. It has been a real challenge to get these guys to just plain stand without propping them up on something. That must be annoying to the kid who is just trying to set the toys up and play with them. Case in point: our baddie featured today actually stood quite well when loaded down with all his weaponry, but strip him of his gear and he kept toppling over! Oh well, it's still a nifty looking toy. Enjoy!