Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Building A Memory - Schreiber-Bogen's "Pfalz im Rhein bei Kaub", PT 8

At first I wasn't going to post anything about the progress but then thought you'all might be interested. The last major step in the project was to put a frame around the perimeter of the base, which I did. BUT, in short I screwed it up - Royally! I mean I REALLY made a mess of things. Understand that I don't work with wood. I don't like working with wood and am no good at it. I s'pose if I practiced more my skills would improve but it becomes a vicious cycle: I don't like working with it, therefore I don't work with it, therefore when I do work with it my projects turn out terrible causing me to not want to work with it, etc, etc, .........  Like I said, a vicious cycle. 

Here's what happened. I bought pre-finished moulding so I wouldn't have to mess with stains or paints (the moulding is actually not wood, but a kind of plastic material). All I had to do was make eight simple 45degree miter cuts. That's it - four pieces of moulding, eight cuts. Simple.

10 pieces and 16 cuts later I ran out of moulding and said 'To hell with it!!@#^!*$'
(those weren't my exact words - I cleaned it up for the blog)

I took the best pieces, and hot glued them to them side of the base. They didn't match up right (DUH) but by then my frustration level - and blood pressure - were peaking!!! I attempted to fill the gaps with wood putty hoping to color the gaps to make the wood putty match. Well, it seems the wood putty wasn't all it was cracked up to be and dried kind of dry and flaky, and attempts to color it didn't work as the putty would just flake out! CRAP!

OK, I do have plan to fix this whole mess but it's gonna take time and there may not be updates for a while as I'm now working other projects (I had thought this project would have been done by now). I'll keep ya posted!

As always - Enjoy! (my misery) :-)