Monday, January 13, 2014

Marx General Alarm Fire House

Now here's a nifty toy from 1938, the Marx General Alarm Fire House. The toy features two stalls, each housing a vehicle. You wind up the mechanism using the 'arrow' on  the roof. When you flip the little lever protruding from the fire box at the front of the base, a bell rings and a spring-loaded plate releases to catapult the vehicles out of their stalls. The vehicles shown here are what came with the toy when I bought it but they are probably incorrect as the station is a pre-war toy and the vehicles are definitely post-war and most likely late '50s -'60s make, however I can't find any catalog reference showing which vehicles actually came with the thing. I'll blog the two trucks at a future date but for now, let's - Enjoy!

I love the graphics on old Marx tin-litho toys. Here we have a full 2-story training school housed in this 1-story fire house LOL - what a hoot!

Flipping this lever to the right activates the mechanism.

One of the spring-loaded plates ready for action

Notice the metal rod connecting the fire box with the release mechanism

Both vehicle are marked "Made in Japan" and might be Linemar. Any information you might have would be most helpful.