Sunday, January 12, 2014

Johnny Lightning 2003 #489-50 164 scale 1930s Batgyro

It's been six months since I last posted one of the 1/64 scale Johnny Lightning die cast Batman kits. Now I know why - I don't like building them. I'm not a spring chicken anymore and it was just a bear for me to assemble this thing today. Maybe it was just bad day, I don't know, BUT I'm glad it's done now because it really is a nifty addition to the Batman vehicle fleet. This is one thing that needs to see its way into a 1/43 scale version! Enjoy!

The package of parts to the left is tucked away behind the display card

As there is a lot of plastic to metal assembly, super glue was used to bond the parts

The top and bottom fuselage halves simply would not hunker down like they should have. Perhaps I can try and tighten up the screws some more using a better screwdriver than what's provided in the kit.

The rotor support was a devil of problem. None of the tabs fit into the holes in the fuselage. Reaming out the holes and scraping some of the plastic off of the tabs helped, but poor eyesight and uncooperative fingers made this a real chore for me.

A classic look from the 1930s - even with my mistakes
(in the interest of full disclosure :-) I did Photoshop out some brazen goofs and dust spots I overlooked while photographing it - you guys deserve to look at a nice toy)