Sunday, January 19, 2014

China 'T' Classic Wing Set

Now here's a set I bought way back in the '90s at a local flea market. Bettina and I are not into the flea market scene but the city's largest one is just a few blocks from the house. We would go there every now and then to check things out but after a while it lost it's appeal. The parking sucked and there was a noticeable increase in the amount of stalls selling new product and it ended up having less of a flea market feel and acquired more of an outdoor mall feel. Besides, they didn't really have stuff we were interested in anyway. That being said we did manage to pick up a few things back in the day and this neat little set was one of them. 

The set is made by the Chinese firm of 'T' (very reminiscent of the one or two letter named Japanese firms who made many of those wonderful toys of the '50s & '60s) and consists of six aircraft; three bi-planes and three monoplanes, all designed to have an old timers look about them. The set is packaged in a colorful counter display box. Each plane is a hybrid plastic and die cast construct and have a functional set of wheels as well as a dummy set allowing you display them upright or in a tail down mode. They are equipped with a pull-back friction motor and when released the propeller turns. When I bought the set I had some vague notion about using the camouflage planes along with a King Kong figure in some kind of display but that hasn't yet materialized. Still, it's a cool set and over the next week or so I'll be posting pics of each plane. Enjoy!

Moving the propeller while positioning the aircraft and then taking photos was Bettina's idea because she knew we might get a .gif out of it through Google's Auto Awesome feature.

I love it!!

Danke Mein Schatz! <3 :-)
Du Bist Willkommen Mein Schatz ! <3 :)