Monday, January 20, 2014

China ' T' Biplane - Brown Camo

Yesterday we introduced a nice set of planes from the Chinese company of 'T'. While the planes themselves are caricatures they really aren't that far off in appearance to some of the aircraft produced during the period they represent. For example, even without doing a web search I recall photos of planes like the GeeBee racer, the Brewster Buffalo, and a Polikarpov monoplane all of which had short, squat fuselage designs. The first plane of the set we'll show is a camouflaged bi-plane and it, like the other planes in the set, all have that short, squat fuselage. It sports the Star-&-Bar insignia with a red bar within the white, however, this version of the insignia didn't appear on aircraft until 1947. A U.S. airplane of the 1930s would most likely have had a dark blue roundel with a five-pointed white star within and in the middle of the star would have been a red dot.The toys are well executed with attractive designs and would have made a great playset for some young aviator. Enjoy!
United States Army Air Corps Roundel 1919-1941

Roundel of the USAF

(Insignia's courtesy of Wikipedia:

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