Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Archer Cars Of Tomorrow - Convertible

Some weeks back we started looking at space or futuristic cars or at least those that sellers have adopted in their mind as futuristic. If I have enough ambition this week I'm gonna post a series of Archer's 'Cars of Tomorrow' which were first released in 1952. There were six vehicles in the series, they are:
-Gasoline Truck
-Pickup Truck
-Searchlight Truck (same casting as Pickup Truck but with searchlight attached to the bed)

Unfortunately I don't have the searchlight car as it's a real toughie to get, but at least we'll get those other five out to you.

Today's car is the Convertible and measures 5" (12.7cm) L x 2" (5.1cm) W x 1 3/8" (3.5cm) H. We Like it So Everybody Enjoy The Berg's :)

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