Saturday, February 15, 2014

First Gear #19-242BK 1955 Texaco Tow Truck

From the Forgotten Photo Archives comes this terrific Texaco Tow Truck from First Gear which I had photographed nearly four years ago. The truck was made back in 1999 by First Gear for Kipp Brothers, a division of Indiana Novelty International, Inc. and was sold in Texaco Stations at the time. Texaco, now a fallen flag, began as the Texas Fuel Company in 1901 in Beaumont, Texas. It was the only company selling under it's own name in all 50 states (and Canada) for many years, but in 2001 it merged with Chevron and the familiar Lone Star symbol disappeared from public view. I had bought the truck from a nearby Texaco station and held on to it for a while but then sold it again as it didn't fit in with my other collections. I mostly collect smaller vehicles - around the 1/43 scale region - and although this was a beautifully detailed piece, at 1/34 scale it didn't fit in with my goals at the time and I let it go, but not before taking some photos. Enjoy!

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