Monday, February 17, 2014

HAS Marketing Hill Top Alpha Playset

When I first got into toy collecting I was buying just about anything that came my way easily (aka cheaply) and a great place to do that was at the now defunct K*B Toys. They went out of business some years ago, another victim of the Recession, but when they were still up-&-runnin' it was a great place to buy stuff and the Hill Top Alpha set shown here probably only cost about $10 or so. For the past few decades kids didn't really have what us baby boomers did by way of nice, large, action packed playsets and when guys like Marx, MPC, T. Cohn, and others fell by the wayside there was really nothing to fill the void. Also, I believe a whole different mindset in toy buying had evolved. Playsets were so yesterday for kids. With a couple of exceptions, they survived mainly as somewhat pricey adult collectibles. HAS Marketing was one company which attempted to fill the void or re-energize the playset market with a Fort Apache re-make and this take on the old Marx Navarone set. It's an interesting hybrid of the giant Marx mountain fortress from their Navarone set, and remakes of MPCs big ol' clunky tanks in two distinct colors differentiating the two separate armies. There is only one large canon and looks like more of a sci-fi space canon than what was in the original sets. There were about forty figures in two colors but I never took mine out of the bag son there's no accurate count.

This was a nice set, but once I latched on to an original Marx Navarone this one fell out of favor with me and I sold it. The pictures were taken in The Cave in the days before I figured out it was better to move my photography outdoors. And BTW, I ended up selling the Navarone set as well! Enjoy!


  1. They are selling a recast of the hill with no floors but it has the doors and gun. Fairly impressive when you have it on the wargaming table. I need to make the floors for this and if anyone has any pictures or tracings I'd appreciate it.

    1. Unfortunately I took these photos just before selling the set and didn't take dimensions. In hindsight it probably couldn't have hurt to do that.

  2. Gerardo has them at his website, ToySoldiersDepot. I found on Google. With dimensions.