Thursday, March 20, 2014

Magic (Hingfat) #7524 Blue and Gray Soldiers Pt 2 Union Figures

Today we're gonna show the Union figures from Magic's Blue and Gray Soldiers set. I bought a whole bunch of these sets for cheap when I came across them in a Rite-Aid drugstore and didn't really do a good analysis until now. FAIR WARNING: If you're a discerning collector of finely sculpted 54mm figures, these aren't for you. If you see them on or in the store, walk right by them, they're not for you, they're for your 8-year kid who likes playing with little plastic soldiers, okay? At only 2" or 2/1/8" tall, they are not 54mm - with one exception which will be shown below. They are also downsized copies of American Souvenirs and Gifts figures. The detailing is just fine for cheap, bagged plastic figures but don't expect Conte or King and Country here folks. They do have several advantages:
-Their smaller size makes them a tad bit more appropriate with the original Marx Civil War Mansion which is definitely NOT 54mm
-They're cheap. No need to break the bank amassing a large army
-There's several more sets available with different figures and accessories

Each side comes in 8 poses. The Union's are:
-General U.S. Grant (Mounted)
-General Winfield Scott Hancock
-Flag Bearer
-Walking casual
-Advancing, rifle across chest
-Standing, firing
-Kneeling, firing
-Standing, holding cannon swab


The figures are all downsized with the exception of the horses - they're HUGE!
If I were U.S. Grant, I'd need a ladder to get up on this steed!

General Winfield Scott Hancock

Flag Bearer

Walking Casual

Advancing, rifle across chest

Standing, firing

Kneeling, firing

Standing, holding cannon swab

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