Monday, May 19, 2014

Billy V Toys #IMX44010 American Civil War Set - Pt 1 Union Soldiers

Well, let's continue our look at American Civil War soldier sets. A relative newcomer to the scene is Billy V Toys distributed by Imex. This set of 50mm figures includes 20 Union in 11 poses and 20 Confederates in 11 poses. I must say it was a treat opening this bag. I mean 40 figures in so many different poses and it must be noted the Union poses are distinctly different from the Confederates. None of this nonsense of making a few scuplts and then casting the same figures in blue and and then gray! There are also a couple of poses we haven't yet seen anywhere else and being 50mm the figures fit nicely with Magic (Hingfat) and older MPC. Because there are so many, we'll do the Union guys first followed another day by the Confederates. We Enjoy It And  You Can Enjoy It  The Berg's :)

Advancing Rifle Across Chest 1st Pose

Advancing Rifle Across Chest 2nd Pose


Crawling with Rifle


Flag Bearer

Kneeling Loading Rifle

Prone Firing Rifle

Running With Rifle

Standing Firing Pistol

Walking Casually

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