Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Billy V Toys #IMX44010 American Civil War Set - Pt 2 Confederate Soldiers

Yesterday we took a look at the Union soldiers offered by Billy V Toys and today it's the Confederates turn. I did a quick check of Amazon and noticed there are several more Billy V American Civil War sets, some containing cavalry, tents, canoes, cannon, and other accessories. The sculpting in these 50mm figures is nice although I noticed the rifles tend to be rather thick-ish. But they are after all toys and like the Union figures, there are 11 Confederate poses in the bag so without further ado here come the Rebs! Enjoy! Bettina & Fritz Berg :)

Comparison shot
Billy V (L) 50mm, Magic (Hingfat) (M) 50mm, Marx (R) 54mm

Standing Bayoneting


Crawling with Rifle

With his legs at such an odd angle, I wonder what the sculptors had in mind for this figure. Crawling up a hillside with one foot propped on a rock???

Flag Bearer

Kneeling with Rifle

Prone Firing Rifle

Standing Firing Rifle

Standing with Rifle Across Chest

Standing Right Shoulder Arms

Standing with Rifle.

This is kind of an odd, awkward pose. What's he actually doing? Perhaps he's recovering his rifle from a rifle stand, or it had been leaning against a tree???

Standing yelling. Is he giving the infamous 'Rebel Yell'?

Like The Gif & Photos Deine Gattin Bettina Good Work Fritz :)


  1. many of these are clones of old ESCI HO scale poses. a few Imex clones tossed in too.

    1. Interesting! I wasn't even aware of the ESCI HO line - something more for me to look into. Many Thanx!