Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Schylling Stealth Zeppelin

Today we feature the Schylling Stealth Zeppelin.  I bought this in the mid 1990's when I was converting from HO scale trains to 3-rail O-gauge and tinplate.  I was buying toys here and there, getting a feel for what I liked, and thought I would use this on a train layout someday.  Well, someday never came and I sold it to an e-friend of mine, but before I did I took a bunch of photos, some of which are featured here.  BUT it's also an example of how you can have a little fun with something even though you no longer own it.  The friend I sold it to remarked how the blue on the Zeppelin reminded him of the blue skies of his home in Mobile and he sent me several photos of the sky above his neighborhood.  Using several different programs I took one of the Zeppelin photos, rotated it to get it to the horizontal, erased-out the wheels, pasted it onto one of the Mobile neighborhood photos, and then did some more work to blend the Zeppelin in with the sky.  I sent the finished photo to my friend with a remark that, had I known it could really fly I would never have sold it!  We both got a nice laugh!  That photo is included here as well as a another special effect photo I did while playing around on the computer.  Enjoy!

P.S.  It's probably already apparent, but I like to take, and use, a lot of photos.  I know whenever I buy a book on collecting there's just never enough photos to satisfy me, but I understand the reasons why - it costs a great deal of money to publish paper books and the number of pictures used needs to be taken into careful consideration.  Adieu!