Friday, October 8, 2010

Time To Start

I've been kickin' around the idea of doing a blog for some time.  I have no clue where this will lead but I intend to have a little fun with it.  Mostly the blog is about toys.  Toys I grew up with, toys I became acquainted with later in life, and from time to time just nifty stuff I like to add to break up the 'toys only' theme.  Here's a few shots of a small tin-litho jet with friction motor.  It's one of the many 'Made In Japan' toys of the type I remember as a kid growing up in the '50s.  I don't know who the maker is but it's a nice little toy (about 4" long).   I do tend to get a little wordy, but I think I'll keep it simple for now. 

Until next time Ciao'