Saturday, September 22, 2012

Royal Mail Post Card: Stingray

In our continuing look at the Royal Mail's Tribute to Gerry Anderson, today's post card features Stingray. Stingray was the first British Supermarionation show to be filmed in color as well as the first British televesion show to be filmed in entirely in color and aired in 1964-65. The story revolves around a combat submarine - 'Stingray' - whose mission of exploration leads it to discover both friendly and hostile aquamarine civilizations. The series nemesis is the 'aquaphibians' an underwater warrior race wif warrior subs. Much of the underwater action wasn't really filmed in water but rather behind a large water tank. All the models remained dry while the camera was positioned in front of the tank giving the illusion that the submarines were submersed. I do remember this show from my childhood as it aired here Stateside, but being a Saturday morning offering my attention was drawn to other programs and I never really did get into that much :-( Perhaps some day I'll buy the DVDs and pick up where I left off. Enjoy!