Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Mattel 'The Dark Knight Rises' Collectible 5-Pack

Today's post is really gonna be a photo dump as it features the 2012 Mattel 'The Dark Knight Rises' collectible 5-pack set with Batman, Bane, Officer Blake, Camo Tumbler, and The Bat.  The figures are made of a soft, flexible vinyl and quite small at about a 1 1/2" high. There are no operating parts on either The Tumbler or The Bat. The biggest drawback to this particular package was the bad warping of the bases Batman and Officer Blake are attached to - tsk, tsk, tsk. On the plus side, the figure of Batman is a different pose than that in the 3-pack set.
I'm bouncing around an idea in my noggin. The figures are small enough that they would probably look cool on my train layout - slice them off their bases, glue the feet to clear plastic discs so that they can stand up and we might have the makings of some good Marxville and Plateau RR crime scenes!! I would want to buy larger scale vehicles though as the vehicles in this set are kind of tiny. The Tumbler looks to be around 1/64 scale and The Bat is a far smaller scale. I think 1/43 scale or at least 1/50 ought to do the trick to put on the layout. Anywho, that's a project for another time. For now though - Enjoy!

Okay, you tell me - does this look like a beetle, cockroach, crab, lobster?

 This is a little creepy. It looks like someone sprayed the room with insect killer and this thing crawled out and died!! ewwwww