Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ertl 1992 1/64 Scale #02446 'Batman The Animated Series' The Batmobile

Today we have a fine offering from Ertl from way back in 1992, the Batmobile based on Batman The Animated Series. Personally I really like the Batmobile designs featured in the various animated series. As the years progressed and the cartoons became more sophisticated the designs seemed to become more stylized. Maybe it's just me but that's kind of how I've seen the trend go. This version is very long with very clean lines. It's actually quite simple, almost like a pencil box on wheels! That's not at all a detractor though because if you recall, Art Deco buildings, Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie school of architecture, Craftsman style houses, and Mission style furniture all feature clean simple lines and they're arguably some of the most beloved schools of design.Everyone  Enjoy!Bettina & Fritz :-)

Like The Pictures Deine Frau Gattin Bettina :)

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