Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MPC 50mm American Civil War Figures

Growing up in the '50s and '60s I had a fair amount of MPC (Multiple Plastics Corp.) ring-hand figures. They were cheap, could be bought in header bags, and offered a lot of play value with all those teeny tiny little accessories that came with them. I think today a lot of people only associate MPC with those ring-hand figures but they were a fairly big toy company and made a lot more than just those. Case-in-point are these ACW one-piece castings. I don't recall ever having these as a kid but there is something familiar about them, hmmmm. 

The figures shown here today are 50mm and that brings up another point; the size diversity available even back in the day. Giant of Hong Kong made those diminutive HO scale figures, MPC had both 50mm and 60mm, Marx made 54mm and 60mm (Warriors of The World series), REL made 60mm, etc. Just like today, there was a lot to choose from back then. Being 50mm these would fit in nicely alongside the Magic (Hingfat) and Billy V figures of today. However, there's not a wide selection of MPC - 6 identical poses per side plus a horse. While I do have all six human poses for the Union side I have no horses and only one Confederate figure so far. The figures are molded in metallic blue and silver colors. In fact the two colors are so alike in tone that photographing them is tricky. That being said, here they are and: Enjoy!

MPC 50mm Union

Cavalryman Brandishing Sword

Mounted Bugler

Advancing Rifle at Side
You'll notice that these are nearly 'flats'

Close Quarters Charge

Standing Firing Rifle

Prone Firing Rifle

MPC 50mm Confederate

My lone Confederate figure. The silver has enough of a bluish tone to it that it's  a bear to edit the photo's and get the coloring right

The two color variations side-by-side

The MPC logo beneath each base

Safari Ltd 54mm (L), MPC 50mm (R)