Sunday, June 22, 2014

Safari Ltd Knight #62036 and Knight's Horse #62030

In yesterday's Midnight Moon Dragon post I said there was a reason I bought that particular critter and that it would all be revealed today. Well, today's post features two Safairi Ltd figures: Knight with Leopard Helmet and Gold Lance #62036 and Knight's Horse with Black Robe and Gold Dragon #62030. 

The back story to all this was that I've been looking for some knight's or other medieval type figures to start preparing for an eventual series on castles.I had known that Safari had knight figures as part of their TOOB series and started looking on-line to see what else they offered. That's when I came across pictures of this fabulous knight and horse combination. There were a few others available in this series but the Knight with Black Robe and Dragons caught my eye the most. There weren't any descriptions as to how big these were but they appeared to be larger than 54mm.  Anywho, last weekend we went to Michael's Craft Store who I know carries Safari toys and lo-and-behold what should they have? You got it, the knight and horse which caught my eye. These are bin toys sold separately and as luck would have it, the store we visited only had these two figures and none of the rest in the series. The knight does stand on his own and is 4" (10.2cm) high to the top of his helmet - 3 1/4" (8.3cm) high to the top of his head. The horse stands 4" (10.2cm) H x 5" (12.2cm) L. I bought the Midnight Moon Dragon because of all the different sizes available it seemed to fit in the best with the knight.

As for Safari's TOOB series of knight's. Wellll, I think I'll pass on those. They too were at Michael's and after looking at them here's my impression and I'll try to be kind. Do you remember the character 'Chunk' in the movie Goonies? Imagine a whole set of knights which look like Chunk in a suit of armor! Yeah, these are not nearly of the same design quality as their Civil War line and disappointing to anyone wanting to do a half-way decent medieval diorama.  Enjoy!Bettina & Fritz Berg:)

Knight's Horse with Black Robe and Gold Dragon
For a mass-produced bin toy, this horse displays remarkable detailing

Knight with Leopard Helmet and Gold Lance

Because the two pieces are sold separately you could mix or match any rider with any horse in the series.

Here's the two facing off. Had there been a similar sized dragon available in black, gray, or green I think I would have bought that instead.

Squaring off on the field of battle! 
My first use of the small display base I posted a couple of weeks ago. In the background is a Built-Rite cardboard castle from the 1930s. The two figures are oversized for the castle but it still looks cool!

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