Thursday, June 19, 2014

Forces of Valor American Civil War Confederate - Set 3

I don't have a proper set number for this so as it's the third set of FOV Confederates we're featuring we'll simply call it Set 3. It consists of an infantry figure, flag bearer, the same mounted cavalry figure as seen in set #23207, a rock wall, barrel, and two ammo chests.

The flag bearer in this set was rather difficult to photograph because he just would stand up. The flag is so big and heavy and sticks way out in front so much that the figure simply topples over. I had to place him on a smaller set-up I have and constantly tilt the table so as to keep him upright. Speaking of flag bearer, there are two variations of this set, one with the more recognizable Stars and Bars flag and this set whose flag is called the Bonnie Blue.

Courtesy Wikipedia

For the first few months of the conflict the Bonnie Blue was the unofficial flag of the Confederacy and was the one flown above the batteries which bombarded Fort Sumpter. It also had a small part in Gone With The Wind as Rhett Butler named his daughter Bonnie Blue Butler because her eyes were the color of the bonnie blue flag. Okay, 'nuff said. Enjoy!

Flag Bearer

Standing Loading Rifle

Mounted Cavalry Holding Rifle

Like The Photos Deine Frau Gattin Bettina :)

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