Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forces of Valor American Civil War Confederate - Set#23207

Here is the second of three sets of FOV Confederates that I have. FOV did put out one or two more but I don't have them - yet!  This set includes the two rifle firing figures featured in yesterday's post but also has a terrific mounted cavalry figure and what I consider the finest cheveaux-de-frise - or cheval-de-frise (spiked barricade) - available on the market. Enjoy!Bettina & Fritz Berg :)

A couple of views of the spiked barricade. Also, this rock wall is slightly different from the one shown in yesterday's post.

The following two figures are not the same photos simply re-posted for today's blog, but rather the actual figures for this set. I decided to photograph every FOV figure I have so that you can make your own comparison's.

Standing Firing Rifle

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Mounted Cavalry Holding Rifle