Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forces of Valor American Civil War Union - Set #23206

Here we have another set of FOV's awesome American Civil War figures. As I no longer have the packaging it's been rather hit-or-miss in finding the item/set numbers for these. The Forces of Valor website doesn't list out of production items and relying on or eBay isn't always successful BUT I did manage to find out the set # featured here today. Everyone Enjoy! Fritz and Bettina!

A mounted Cavalry officer, two infantrymen, a cannon, and two ammo chests comprise the set.

I believe this is the single finest Civil War cannon produced for the market at this price range. These sets used to sell for around $10- $15 (if my memory serves me right). In comparison, a single limited edition figure from, let' say, King & Country, or Wm. Britains might set you back ca$30!

Here's few comparison shots showing the venerable Marx Civil War cannon next to the FOV cannon 

Mounted Cavalry Officer with Sword 

Standing Bayoneting

Standing Loading Rifle 

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