Monday, June 2, 2014

Britains Deetail 54mm Union Infantry 1971

When I was a kid American Civil War toys were one of my favorites and I had Marx, MPC ring-hands, Rel, and Giant of Hong Kong, but by the time these Britain Deetail soldiers came out in 1971 I was firmly entrenched in the world of HO scale model railroading. As an adult collector I discovered these about ten years ago when initially building my Civil War collection. To be honest I don't know the whole story behind Britains Deetail and am only now getting a handle on how many figures there were in the series. One observation is that both Union and Confederate used the same sculpts with Union figures being painted blue and Confederate figures being painted gray.  I've notice two types of bases; oval and rectangular. Don't know why there are two different types other than it appears the Union guys got the rectangular bases while the Confederates got the ovals. 

My collection is not complete and may never be, as it will depend on whether I can get the remaining figures for a decent price. The poses are quite nice and the paint schemes well executed. There appears to be a secondary market of customized Britains figures which I've yet to explore but we shall see. Although the collection isn't complete I still took a billion photos so it may take a while to post what I have. In the meantime, let's start with what Union infantry figures I do have.Everybody Enjoy! Bettina & Fritz Berg :)

Flag Bearer
The flag staffs have a paper flag attached and the staffs are removable from the bearer's hand. Often time either the flag itself or the whole staff is missing

Officer Advancing w/Sword

Standing Loading Rifle

Kneeling Firing Rifle

Underside of oval bases

Gatling Gun w/Crew
A very interesting and detailed accessory.

That square depression in the base held extra shot.

Small B-B's are loaded into the hopper

The spring mechanism allows you to fire the B-B's

My gun still has a round lodged in the barrel!

Very Nice Like it Deine Frau Gattin Bettina :)


  1. je suis également collectionneur de Britains soldiers 1971 guerre civle américaine; je possède 300 fantassins et 100 cavaliers -

    1. "`I am also a collector of Britains 1,971 American soldiers civll war ; I have 300 infantry and 100 cavalry"
      While I have a lot of toy soldiers, only a small portion of them are Britains. Do you set them up in dioramas?

    2. serriez-vous vendeur de certaines pieces -

    3. "Would you sell certain parts?" (if I interpret the on-line translation correctly)

      Just about everything is for sale!

    4. I want to buy the Britain soldier with gatling. I am looking for south and north soldiers with gatling. how many pieces do you have and which price. thank you

    5. I am soooo sorry! I posted the comment but then family matters and a host of distractions caused it to slip from my mind. The Union and Confederate soldiers with Gatling guns I will let go for $35 each ($70 total) which is about what I paid for them).

  2. OK how can wee proceed

  3. I am from Belgium and my mail is " " - it's more direct - JP PREVERS