Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Britains Deetail Union Cavalry 1971

Well, like I said a couple of days ago when  blogging Britains Deetail figures from 1971, I'm no expert on them and my 'collection' is woefully incomplete, but even with the figures I have I've managed to make some observations. The stands the horses attach to come in two types: w/semi-circular support, w/straight support. The semi-circular support is shorter and perhaps meant to accommodate the galloping horse. The horses come in at least three colors; black, tan, and white. I don't yet have any white horses but have noticed them for sale on the Bay. The horses also come in three different poses. A complete horse and rider set consists of:

1) Stand
2) Horse
3) Saddle blanket
4) Saddle
5) Reins
6) Rider
7) Separate flag (as appropriate)

Okay, let's get to the pictures of the Union cavalrymen I do have.Everybody Enjoy!Bettina & Fritz Berg :)

Flag bearer with American Flag on black horse
Okay horse experts, what pose is this horse in? A canter? A trot?
Notice the semi-circular support holding the horse in place

Flag Bearer with American Flag on tan horse

Underside of the bases

Flag Bearer with U.S. Cavalry Regimental Standard on Black Horse
Notice the horses pose is different from the two above
Also notice that this is a complete set: base, horse, saddle blanket, saddle, reins, rider, flag

Flag Bearer on Tan Horse
Notice the straight support the horse is attached to
The flags which come with these figures are paper and many have not survived as shown here

In this photo, the flag staff has been removed and now I have to decide which replacement to give our intrepid equestrian.

The peel-&-stick flags come from Classic Toys Soldiers and are purchased separately (I bought the entire Civil War set)

I choose the U.S. Cavalry 35-star Guidon for this rider
He's missing the saddle blanket

Rider Shooting Pistol
The riders arm raises and lowers
This is the third horse pose
He is missing the saddle blanket

Rider w/Sword
The riders arm raises and lowers

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