Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wondertreats, Inc. Ray Gun Water Pistol

I got kind of busy today and almost forgot to make a post. Saturday's are normally reserved for Sci-Fi and Fantasy but I really din't have much prepared until looking through some of my files. Back on May 5th I blogged a cool - and cheap - Transformer-ish Robot from Wondertreats. The toy came in a kiddie Easter basket on sale after the holiday which also included a couple of other toys, one of which was this ray gun water pistol, or squirt gun as we called them when I was a young 'un. Gosh, I haven't owned a squirt gun since, ummmm, oh heck, I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the years! :-) Normally ray guns don't stay in my collection long and except for perhaps a couple of vintage types, they just don't appeal to my collecting instincts. This one too will eventually end up at the thrift store for some kid to enjoy but for now you can Enjoy!

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