Monday, June 23, 2014

New American Civil War Diorama / Display Base Pt 11 - Picky, Picky, Picky

I keep telling myself that this little base meant to display my Civil War toys on is just for my own home use and yet every time I turn around there's something I see that needs to be done - at least in my mind. This latest round however gets us much closer to completion. This time the interior of the framework was painted a dark forest green. Rough spots around the perimeter - where paint got on the scenery, were touched up with some scenery material. Then the corners of the frame were filled in with wood putty and sanded smooth. The frame was then spray painted a gloss black. Check out the progress below and Enjoy!

Paint applied to the interior of the frame. Because there were some wide gaps at some spots, the silicone caulking used to fill the gaps ran up to the scenery. this all had to be painted as well.

I didn't take any photos but those wide bands of green paint extending onto the scenery were covered with more scenery material

Yup, my consistently bad mitered angle attempts

The corner has been filled with wood putty.

I'm not real crazy about how this wood putty dries. Maybe I didn't use enough water but it just doesn't seem to harden up as much as I'd like. I'll have to look for a different gap filling material in the future.

The base masked off...

...and paint applied

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