Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Display Base

Yesterday I was busy trying to touch up rough spots on the Civil War Diorama/Display Base and while doin' that had the bright idea of building yet another display base (oh good grief, two projects at once when I'm having a hard enough time finishing one! LOL) Oh well, it's all good.

There was a piece of plywood just hangin' around The Cave for years waiting for...? Well, yesterday I decided to do somethin' with it. I also had a few sticks of scrap 1x2s (2.5cm x 5.1cm) laying around and within no time was able to quickly frame the plywood - which measures 32" (81.3cm) x 25" (63.5cm). A little extra time with paint, scenery material, and glue, and voilà - a new display base!Bettina & Fritz Berg  Enjoy!

Here the plywood has already been framed up

After having laid around for so long the plywood was dry and cracked. I gave it a good thick coat of flat interior latex paint.

The first coat dried fast. The second, darker coat was applied to ca 1/3 of the board and scenery material applied

2/3's of the base now has scenery applied and the water/glue mixture is still drying

The base is scenicked. 
I went over it several times with scenery and glue to cover up rough spots. The nice thing about the darker brown undercoat is, if any of the foam scenery material does come off it's not so noticeable.

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