Sunday, January 13, 2013

Corgi #77349 2000 DC Comics Batmobile BMBV4

The last Corgi 1/43 scale Batmobile featured on Toys & Stuff was last October 7th. Since then I've only been able to add one more to the collection, but it's one of the hardest Corgi Batmobile's to find and as such commands a higher price. There are at least a couple more in the collection which have different body styles and perhaps quite a few more with different color schemes that I don't have yet. Essentially Corgi had offered several Batmobiles in either black or a beautiful metallic sky blue and trying to hunt them all down is a laborious process - they simply don't become available on a regular basis, and I don't always have the funds for them.

While Corgi made four versions of the 2000 DC comics Batmobile (thus the designation 'BMBV4': Batmobile ver. 4) I only have three of them but I'm glad to share this latest acquisition with you. Mine does have a factory defect: the front left hubcap has no paint on the Batlogo - not even a hint that paint was ever applied. Each of the vehicles in the series features some sort of action feature. Today's Batmobile has a gizmo which pops up when one presses down on the rear fins. 'Gizmo', that's the technical name for it :-) Actually I have no clue as to what it's s'posed to represent. Is it a weapon, radar, or is it part of the Batmobile's power plant??? Anywho, it's a neat little feature. The bottom of each car has an engraving of Batman appropriate to the year of the car. It too is a nifty feature of the series. Enjoy!

****Update 17 Jan, 2013: Mike Varone, fellow Bat-Fan and collector of Corgi Batmobiles thinks the 'Gizmo' may be a missile launcher! Given the many Batmobile iterations this is as plausible as anything. Do any of you have Batman comic books from 2000 and can verify? - Lordy, I don't want to start another collection!! ******