Friday, September 27, 2013

'The Flintstone's in Viva Roc Vegas' Movie Prop Plate & Napkin

There for a very short while I had a fascination with movie props. It just had never occurred to me that I could get stuff that was actually in a movie from eBay but when I found out that many props were available I ended up acquiring a few - nothing real fancy mind you but interesting to me. One of the few Flintstones related props I managed to snag was this really cool plate and napkin set from the movie 'The Flintstone's in Viva Roc Vegas' released in 2000. You can see a boat load of these plates in the casino buffet scene and when my set arrived I was really impressed. First of all, that plate is a heavy sucker. It's made from casting resin and colored to represent rock and is quite a sturdy plate measuring 9 1/2" (24.1cm) dia x 5/8" (1.6cm) thick (the plate stand shown in the photos did not come with the set). The rag is made from brown micro fiber and is held together by a short length of leather and a plastic shell. For Flintstones fans, acquisitions like these are quite special and I'm really glad to have been able to get this cool set. Enjoy!