Sunday, April 6, 2014

New American Civil War Diorama / Display Base Pt 4 - Painting

This is what the display/diorama looked like at the time of the last post:

Because I used joint compound to cover the carved out portions of Styrofoam and globbed it on pretty thick in spots, cracks developed. A few days after the post I filled the cracks in simply by sticking my fingers in the pot of joint compound and just laying down a thin layer, filling cracks and smoothing out the landscape all at once. Then last week I put on a coat of dark brown paint:

The paint is still wet here, but it is a semi-gloss, leftover from another project. As a fatter-of-mact, everything used so far has been leftovers from other projects or scrounged. It's okay that this first layer is shiny. First, the latex paint acts as a yet another form of crack sealer and gives a cohesive covering to the display. Secondly, it's meant to cover any annoying white spots that may otherwise show through. Thirdly, I always lay down a dark first coat. As the painting progresses it will serve to provide depth in those areas of terrain which are sculpted. When all the painting and landscaping is done you won't even notice any shininess from the semi-gloss paint.

I thought it would be neat to see just how much of this display one of my Americana sets would cover. Here we have a bag of Gettysburg Accessories (not yet blogged) put to use.


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