Saturday, April 5, 2014

TSSD - American Civil War Set #2 1863 - Union Charging

Here's the second set of TSSD (Toy Soldiers of San Diego) that I own, the American Civil War Set #2 1863 - Union Charging. Like the Confederate Firing Line featured yesterday, this set too exhibits extraordinary sculpting for a fairly low cost set of mass market Civil war figures and also includes sixteen figures in eight poses. Nuff said - Enjoy!

Union - Flag Bearer

Union - Officer Pointing Pistol, Waving Sword 

Union - Advancing, Rifle at Side

Union - Charging, Rifle Overhead

Union - Standing, No Hat, Firing Rifle

Union - Standing, Wounded Pointing Rifle

Union - Kneeling, Firing Rifle


 Union - Kneeling, Firing Pistol

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