Friday, April 4, 2014

TSSD - American Civil War Set #1 1863 - Confederate Firing Line

'TSSD' stands for Toy Soldiers of San Diego a hobby shop in, you guessed it, San Diego, California. Some years ago they started offering custom, but not necessarily limited edition, plastic toy soldiers from many popular eras like the American Civil War, WWII, etc. Today's set dates from 2004 and I bought it at a local hobby store perhaps just a couple of years later. I've got to tell ya, it's a real treat seeing toy soldiers with such magnificent sculpting and attention to detail. These do appear to be a tad bigger, chunkier or 'beefier', than the usual emaciated run of 54mm figures but they are so, so nice. The figures are well posed and properly equipped, or ill-equipped as is the case with the barefoot soldiers! 

The set is composed of 16 figures in 8 poses. I took about 12 photos for each of the figures and, if there's demand, can post all the photos but for now I'm sticking to about four pics for each. Enjoy!

Confederate Flag Bearer

Confederate, Kneeling, Firing Rifle

Confederate, No Hat, Advancing with Rifle at Side

Confederate, Pistol Raised

Confederate, Standing, Firing Pistol

Confederate, Standing, Firing Pistol Downward

Confederate, Standing, Firing Rifle

Confederate, Standing, Firing Rifle Downward

Comparison pic: TSSD (L), Americana (R)

The bases are taller/thicker, making the figures appear taller than the Americana figures

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