Monday, May 5, 2014

Wondertreats, Inc Galaxy Defender Robot - aka Really Cheap Space Toy

I was lookin' over the post-Easter candy sales (keeping an eye out for the chocolates!) when, after a quick glance at the baskets, I saw one of those ready-made baskets with this in it. I din't really look at what else was in the thing but for $2.77 thought it couldn't hurt to buy it. The basket contained a sun cap (too small and too bright for me), a measly 3 sample packs of candy (3!! - cheap skates), 3 toys, and of course the basket itself. This Transformer-like (Transformerish?) robot was kind of neat although it is a tad sparse on the whole moving-parts front. The arms go up and down - that's it for movement. But it does have two weapons which peg into the hands making it a lethal adversary, albeit cheap adversary, for possible photo set-ups later on. It measures 5 1/2" (14cm) H x 4" (10.2cm) W so might be useful posing with other like-sized action figures. Enjoy!

Shown here with the '50s era Pyro rocketship

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