Monday, May 26, 2014

Wm Britains #17440 Pup Tents

As part of our coverage of Civil War accessories we ended up on a tent binge that has yet to subside. Today we'll look at Wm Britains #17440 Pup Tents set. I have very few Wm Britains items, mostly because they just cost too much for me which means I must have got these at a very good price years ago. That being said, all of Britains products are of high quality with excellent design and sculpting which is precisely why they cost more than the average miniatures and these tents are no exception. The set includes two different tents with four support poles. One tent clearly has a horizontal pole set in the top center of the 'canvas' which is designed to rest upon the two shorter poles. The second tent has no horizontal pole and is probably meant to have a piece of string attached to one of the taller supports, through the tent, and attached to the other pole. However, one of those taller poles actually depicts a rifle stuck in the ground barrel first! Would this have been a common practice in the field if no other support was available? During the photo shoot I did not set this second tent up that way, leaving that for any future display or diorama. Enjoy!


I Enjoy it Deine Frau Bettina :)

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