Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mattel 2005 1/64 Scale #H6294-0710 Batman Begins (Batman and Tumbler)

Here's another of Mattel's paired offerings from 2005, the 'Batman Begins' Batman figure and die-cast Tumbler in 1/64 scale. I like this series because of the full Batman figure as we don't actually see enough of these action figures in the smaller scales. Generally when you buy a Batmobile of any type it's just the car, and every so often they plop a figure in the driver's seat. It's a shame because all the toy companies have been really remiss in including action figures to go along with the vehicles. I've ended up with several Tumblers in 1/64 scale but so far haven't managed to pick one up in my favorite scale - 1/43rd! I gotta work on that. For now now though - Enjoy!

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